Are timesheets driving you crazy?

We can help create an approach custom to YOUR business that takes timesheet data from staff hands right through to payroll, and automatically follows up staff who are late!

We’ve all been there before, waiting on the final timesheets on a Friday afternoon, gently (or more pointedly) reminding staff of the importance of timesheets and how they need to be done on-time.

Why? Because while staff see the timesheet as an annoyance that they have to fill out to get their pay, it means so much more to your business!  Accurate timesheet data can provide:

  • Accurate labour tracking across projects
  • Accurate capturing of billable/variation labour
  • Evidence of work hours for industrial relations record requirements
  • Better quoting on the front-end from true labour costs on the back-end
  • Up-to-date reporting, not waiting a month or even week to find out where your project stands!

The reality is that no staff member cares about accurate time in your business as much as you do, so when they are under the pump, mistakes WILL be made!

At Subbie Support Services, we recognise how important accurate timesheets are to your trade   business.  We can work with you to create a timesheet approach that is easy for staff to use, accurate, and reportable!  No more late timesheets, no more manual reconciliation.  No more outdated labour reports.