Put your bloody ruler away, and hang out with your family more on the weekend!

Being a subcontractor is a hard slog! Most of the time you are working 12 hour days, 6 days a week, and then trying to fit takeoffs and quotes around your on-site hours.

Now we’ve written before on how having the right systems in place can save you time on-site and at the office, but getting the right approach in place for takeoffs and estimating can make you more accurate and get you out of the office faster!

Here’s the thing: there are a ton of different systems on the market that make it easier to do takeoffs and estimates, but which one will suit your business best? The best estimating software in the world might not be the best software for *your business*, because you need to consider what happens with the estimate after you’re done with it and have sent it off to the builder.

How do you take that estimate and translate it into a project? Does this mean you have to replace what you are using to manage projects too? It all depends, what’s going to be the most efficient thing to do for the way your business works?

How can Subbie Support help?

At Subbie Support Services we can:

  • Help you figure out the best takeoff and estimate system for your business (not everyone else’s business!)
  • Get it setup for you and working with the rest of your business
  • Teach you and your people how to use the system (and your other systems) the most effective way

When we work with you we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every subcontractor is different and runs a different way. That’s the secret sauce in your business and you shouldn’t have to change the way your business runs to use better software!  One size DOESN’T fit all, and the way we work takes this into account.

The commercial reality is; there are many ways to setup a system, it’s about picking the “right” way for your business.  Click here to book a 15 min call and find out how can we change your system from painful to easy and efficient.