Your records are only useful if you can find them

If you’ve been running your subcontracting business for a while now, you probably have a small collection of paperwork you’ve created to satisfy the powers that be on-site. If you’ve been running for a while longer you probably also got records of SWMS, incident reports, prestarts and toolbox talks that you’ve uploaded somewhere on your computer to make sure you are being compliant with head contractor requirements.

Are your systems setup to capture this info properly, and reuse it when you need it?

Have you ever had to go and find some of this info, and spent hours digging through old emails to get what you need?

Are you taking photos on-site to cover your backside, but just keeping them on your phone?

Getting a system in place to file all of this info can be a life saver in the long-term, as you are usually relying on this info 12-18 months or more after you captured it, and by then, who knows where it was filed, or what phone it’s on, or which worker took the picture, or which Contract Administrator you emailed it to….

Getting templates in place that are actually easy to use will save you hours in the office and on-site preparing documentation for safety and compliance. Imagine never having to use the phrase “I’ll send it to you when I’m back in the office” again!

How can Subbie Support help?

At Subbie Support Services we can:

  • Help you get the right systems and templates in place
  • Set you and your workers up to edit, sign and send a documents from site on phone tablet or ipad
  • Make sure all your completed documents are captured so you can stay compliant
  • Make sure every one of your workers has access to relevant documents on their smartphone, no more “I’ll send it to you later”‘s again!

When we work with you we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to systems.  Some subcontractors only need to capture and send a few specific records, while others need to send, edit and access several a day!  One size DOESN’T fit all, and the way we work takes this into account.

The commercial reality is; there are many ways to setup a system, it’s about picking the “right” way for your business.  Click here to book a 15 min call and find out how can we change your record management from painful to easy and efficient.