Tools for the rest of us

Trade Business Owners! It can be disheartening to feel growing pains in your business, and then look at the offered solutions to discover:

  • No software solution covers 100% of your business
  • You have to bend your business to “fit” the solution on offer
  • If your business process is too different from what the software vendor envisioned, you’re out of luck!

Let’s take a quick reality check here for a moment.

What do you think of the idea of changing your business process to match what your competitors do, so your software vendor has an easier time taking your money every month?!?

Crazy right…

In 2021, the concept of the “all-in-one” software solution to run your business is going the way of the Dinosaur, Dodo and Tassie Devil. Trade businesses are heading towards “integrated” solutions, using the best tools possible, not just the tools that come bundled together.

It’s not expensive. It’s not complicated. In fact, in a recent proposal we calculated that by delivering a solution with a few smaller tools instead of a large “all-in-one” package, we were able to achieve a monthly cost at 80% LESS than of the price of the dominant “all-in-one” software platform for the industry.

Do you feel like you’ve compromised a bit too much of your business secret sauce in order to “fit” your current system? Reach out for an obligation free chat. I love to talk process with small business owners!

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